Where I Came From

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, by technology it seems. From a young age I leveraged tech to get things done.

When I was young, computers were first having universal benefit, and I always gravitated towards using them to problem solve. During my teen years, I took a keen interest in using Photoshop, HTML, & PHP for website development and implementation. I ran a successful website, which helped me hone in my creative and technical interests.

Then it came time to make money. I decided to join the military, specifically the Infantry. Despite my tech inclination, 6 years of my life were spent shooting stuff, blowing stuff up, carrying obscenely heavy stuff and not sleeping to do other stuff. I deployed to Afghanistan in 2008 in a combat capacity with the PPCLI.

In 2011 I began working as a sworn police constable in Hamilton. Policing is a job that taught me the value of sales, and the gift of the gab. I worked hard to find solutions to volatile situations using strategy and negotiation, rather than force. In Hamilton, that’s a tall order. Having resorted to a sales approach, this allowed me to take those skills I developed to the world of commerce when I left policing in 2017.

My Work

My portfolio of previous work is available on the WORK tab, or on the link below.

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